Wi-Fi OnRoad Installation Guide
Wi-Fi OnRoad Overview

Wi-Fi offload is a win-win proposition for cellular operators, MVNOs, cable providers, Smart City networks, Wi-Fi infrastructure vendors and their subscribers. Your customers seek Wi-Fi networks whenever possible to obtain a faster and higher quality mobile data experience. And as the number of smartphones and tablets increases exponentially, demand for data bandwidth is ever increasing. A seamless Wi-Fi offload solution designed by experts can provide your subscribers with a unified virtual data network that is comprised of both the cellular and Wi-Fi networks. This enables handsets and tablets to automatically switch between networks and connect to Wi-Fi access points as often as possible, seamlessly and without any manual steps or confirmations on the part of the subscriber. The Wi-Fi connection profile is set by the operator according to a variety of parameters and thresholds, such as offloading to Wi-Fi whenever Wi-Fi offers a better data connection than the cellular network.

Today, many different types of communications companies and ventures are providing Wi-Fi to end-users, each having its own unique set of considerations:

  • Cellular operators: reducing the load on their 3G/4G cellular networks, each Wi-Fi hotspot function as on more cell tower.
  • MVNOs: reducing the cost of data paid to legacy carriers.
  • Smart City: offering free Wi-Fi to residents in the municipal area.
  • Cable companies and Wi-Fi vendors: offering paid Wi-Fi to a variety of private and commercial customers.
  • Home and business Wi-Fi: Either at no charge or paid.

Wi-Fi offload solutions, such as OnRoad Wi-Fi, provide all these types of companies – each with differing priorities – the ability to offer their subscribers one virtual network. Each company can use the OnRoad Wi-Fi Profile Server to tailor the Wi-Fi connectivity settings to meet their needs and the customers’ expectations. Cellular operators and MVNOs are strategically building up their proprietary and partner Wi-Fi networks, effectively transitioning from radio-only networks to providers of integrated radio and Wi-Fi networks, to supply subscribers with unparalleled data possibilities. Smart City and Wi-Fi vendors can benefit from smart load balancing solutions within their Wi-Fi assets and manage the APs while delivering a superior data experience to their users.
  • OnRoad Wi-Fi is an end-to-end solution that provides both operators and users with a superior experience while providing maximal savings to operators.
  • OnRoad Wi-Fi: a single system to manage data offloads on an integrated Wi-Fi and cellular network.