Wi-Fi OnRoad Installation Guide
Mobile Client Initiation Process

  • The first initiation of the CM app must be carried out manually by the user (regardless of the installation method).
  • Tutorial - When the CM application is initiated for the first time it presents a tutorial.
  • The last slide of the tutorial presents the EULA requesting the subscriber’s approval for using the Mobile Client app to switch to Wi-Fi networks.
  • The EULA message presents the user with the following options:
    • Accept
    • Do not accept.
  • User approval is stored in the CM client. The client checks the EULA approval each time the service is launched. (See below that the user may change their EULA status.)
  • When EULA approved by subscriber, mobile client update Profile server with indication that EULA approved. The following attributes is updated
    • IMSI (This will be converted to the MSISDN on the server side.) See ‎2.10 Connectivity Flows.
    • IMEI
    • Date and time of approval.
  • The Mobile Client waits for server confirmation before updating the EULA approval locally and only then does the Wi-Fi offload service commence.
  • The EULA is maintained on the Policy Server and can be edited and changed by the Operator. When the Mobile Client app accepts the EULA that is installed on the device, the CM checks the Policy Server to see if an updated EULA is in force.
  • Each time the CM client starts, it checks the server to determine if a more updated EULA exists. The EULA is stored by the Operator on the server and it can be edited there. If there is an updated EULA, the client downloads it and presents it to the subscriber for approval. If the subscriber approves, the EULA on their handset is updated. The entire profile can also be updated.