Wi-Fi OnRoad Installation Guide


1.      Press the “Download client” under the Login button:


2.      Enter your mobile phone number, demo code “1q2w3e4r” and press “Download client”:




3.      The SMS with install link will be sent to your device.

After receiving the SMS, tap the link and download the application:



4.      After application downloaded, tap the file and install it:


5.      Open the application by choosing “Open”:

Or by pressing the application link:


6.      At the first screen add your phone number and press “Accept”:

7.      Accept the User Agreement:

8.      The next screen is EAP configuration. Enter your EAP identity and password:



9.      In next step choose one of the Wi-Fi networks to connect:

10.  Then enter password for secured network and press “Next”:

Congratulations! You successfully installed and initially configured the application.